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"Your heart will always pursue what you value as your treasure." Matthew 6:21

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Your Clutter Coach,
Tammy Burke

“She really motivated me!”
“Tammy held me organize my kitchen. Having her help really
motivated me to do what I needed to have a more organized, less cluttered kitchen. I highly recommend her!”

Dawn Cutaia


“Tammy is excellent.”
“She can make any office run more efficiently and effectively, even with just one meeting. She has an ability to understand how a person works and then establish organizational systems to help the person work better. She managed the organizational issues with my office over the years as my business changed and grew. I highly recommend her for small businesses or any business.”

Anthony Tambourino


“I would recommend her without hesitation.”
“I hired Tammy to organize my office supply area/craft room. Thanks to Tammy, it has been transformed from a dank, depressing smorgasbord of junk to a bright, inviting, streamlined room. She has also worked with me to organize scripts and commercials for websites and DVDs. Her energy and positive outlook are energizing, and she is quick to grasp what needs to be done. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Cindy Kalinoski

The Word Helper a/k/a the Book Mom

“Tammy helped give me the confidence”
Tammy was instrumental in providing us the resources to be able to promote our business. She walked me through the learning curve we needed to utilize our salon software. Tammy helped me with the confidence I needed to get our business to the next level! Thank you Tammy!

Angie Leoni Yanikov

Talus Salon and Spa owner

“Tammy helped me make my dream a reality!”
Tammy worked directly with me to create a giveaway site that I have dreamed about for 5 years. Working with her over 2 months, she guided me step-by-step, providing both the knowledge and support I needed to get it done. When I make my group program virtual, and I know I can confidently do that with the Tammy’s guidance and expertise.

Tracy Fitzpatrick

Career and Life Coach

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